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Panzer Armee was created to help people model WW2 scale model kits historically accurate. Panzer Armee will eventually produce and release a range of miniature scaled models, with a focus on German vehicles. This came about by being tired of building inaccurate models and poorly moulded kits with a small sentence giving few details on the vehicles capabilities especially in the smaller scales. Having an interest in military model kits from an early age an interest in historical aspects of the vehicles was eventually inevitable, the search for answers has lead to many years of study from original and secondary sources. Therefore the first phase of panzerarmee.com is to release information based around vehicles involved in WW2, it is naive to limit oneself to the years 39-45 as many developments took place in the years leading up to the Second World War, so Panzer Armee’s scope will go beyond these years.


The site should be useful to both the modeller and the historian, the classification of vehicles has been set up based on the technical aspects rather than by units and campaigns. As Panzer Armee grows over the coming weeks and months, if you have an interest in studying areas of World War 2 or particular vehicles, its my goal to create comprehensive resource spot for all. The journey to get to just this point has been long and I must thank the many contributors thus far willing to help with photos and information.

How can you help, Panzer Armee is in need of translators of old German, French and Polish. There are also many photo collectors out there and you are more than welcome to contact and help contribute to grow the resources. The site will always be free but there is a honesty box to accept donations if the information provided by Panzer Armee was useful to your needs and all proceeds will be used to grow the site as original photos are quite expensive!


At present the RESEARCH section is where you will find this information and the focus is on German equipment, any experts with interest in other countries equipment in World War II your help will be most welcome aswell.


*Disclaimer – As panzerarmee’s focus is on the technical aspect and advances on German manufacturing during the war period, in historical photos of the time is displayed the halkenkruz, also known as the swastika. Panzerarmee does not support any views associated with the symbol adopted by the Nazi party in 1920.

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